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Mandarin Chinese

Online Private / Group Lessons 

Chinese can be one of the most difficult languages for English speakers to learn. However, you'll find that the process of learning the language, with the help of my teaching method, will reap a multitude of benefits. Together we will reach your goal.

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Why learn Mandarin Chinese?

  1. One quarter of the world's population can speak Mandarin Chinese, why not become one of them?

  2. If your family speaks Chinese, why not bring that to your generation as well?

  3. Taking AP/IB Mandarin Chinese Exams soon and feel like you aren't prepared?  Why not learn to truly love the language while improving your scores?

  4. Broaden your mind further by exploring Chinese culture!

  5. Mandarin Chinese can promote almost any business by reaching a wider audience of clients/customers!

  6. Are you up to the challenge of proving wrong those who say that Chinese is too difficult to learn?

What are some learning obstacles that shouldn't stop you from learning Mandarin Chinese?

  1. The typical "study-till-you-drop" plan is used too often and doesn’t fit the minds of all learners.

    • My approach to teaching students is to specifically tailor lessons to each and every student for optimal results.​

  2. Lessons can feel quite boring in a typical classroom environment.

    • Alongside written work, I also use innovative and fun ways to reach each and every student. Some examples include: songs, ​games, multimedia platforms, and artistic expression.​

  3. Miscommunication can become common between the instructor and student.

    • I​ keep a less stressful open line of communication with my students, so the learning can always be productive and helpful.

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