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Hi, I'm Ling!


"nĭ hăo, wǒ jiào líng."


I grew up in China and am a native Chinese speaker, accustomed to the standard Mandarin pronunciation. I am fluent in all forms of writing, reading & speaking in Mandarin. In 1999, I came to the US to pursue a Masters degree in Business Administration. I had a career as a financial professional for more than 20 years and found that being bilingual and multicultural has reaped so many benefits. The Chinese language and culture is something that I use in my daily life and has brought so many opportunities.

I have truly enjoyed teaching and tutoring Chinese since 2000 at my college, workplace and local community. Additionally, I have loved teaching my two children at home since they were born.

Together, let's begin to learn Mandarin Chinese in a new, fun, unique, interesting, and positive way.  


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